Not to be confused with RAGEGUY

Not to be confused with INTERNET

Not to be confused with Weird Al Yankovich

“Dancing, tonight, me, you, Dave, and 10,000 monkeys?”
Shane,┴ɥǝ ∩dsıpǝ poʍu Sɥoʍ!


┴ɥǝ ∩dsıpǝ poʍu Sɥoʍ!

┴ɥǝ ∩dsıpǝ poʍu Sɥoʍ! involves two guys named Shane and David. Shane is bald. David isn't. Shane has a pet fly named Fido. David has a pet chair named Spot. Shane is afraid of Schmuzzies. David isn't. They have a friend named Puppet. They often employ the Action Fingers to help them. Mrs. Foil constantly invades their house. They are insane. Oh, and they also don't have a Refrigerator. And you can't forget about the Remote. It does heaps of things, you know. These guys also have their own Sega CD game for some reason.
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┴ɥıs ıs Sɥɐuǝ' pɐʌıp' ɐup Ԁnddǝʇ˙

It's Waweegee's favorite game.
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