Here is the demented Ash Ketchup, ready to see some Pogeyman blood. Note that his Pogeymans are prepared for battle by being crammed into a tiny ball.

Ash Ketchup is the most well-known of all Pogeyman Trainers, mostly due to the fact that he sucks Chansey eggs. Ash Ketchup travels the Pogeymans world, trying to win a Pogeyman Battle for once. Gary MOTHER#$%&ING Oak is always two steps ahead of him.

Approach with caution



Example of how Gary will always beat Ash

Ash Ketchup is helplessly stupid. He has no clue whatsoever about how to win a Pogeyman Battle. That's why he always loses.

Ash Ketchup tries to make himself feel better by claiming that he's not trying to be the best Battler, but rather the best Pogeyman caretaker. It's just a bunch of bullcrap.

Battle StrategyEdit

Ash Ketchup catches a lot of Pogeymans, but the only one he really uses is his Pinkachu. Ash's battle strategy consists of HYPER BEAM ON EVERYTHING abusing the most powerful moves of whatever Pogeyman he's using. So, he doesn't really have a battle strategy. Sorry.


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