Not to be confused with Good

Not to be confused with Weird Al Yankovich

Not to be confused with Mr. T

Breaking bad

This is one bad man. A vewwy bad man!

Bad is the opposite of Good. If something is bad, it isn't good. If you can think of a better way to explain that, let me know, but that's what it is, so you'll have to deal with it for now. Also, when something is bad, it makes you feel bad, like when that guy over there points a gun in your face.


Bad was invented by Chuck Norris, at the start of the Universe. He had one bad @$$. And, thus, set the stage for all other bad stuff.

Types of BadEdit

There are several different kinds of badness, listed below.

Just BadEdit

The most common type, it is simply the opposite of good.

Good BadEdit

The type of bad that really means good. Wrap your head around that!TrollFace


The definition of Chuck Norris.

List of Bad ThingsEdit

Gallery of Bad StuffEdit

A gallery of bad stuff that you should avoid.

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