Not to be confused with Badgers


The badge one earns when first joining the Wiki. It is obviously not worth many Achievement Points (only 10)

He man said hey by cottommy-d48epne

How you'll feel when you earn lots of Badges

Badges are achievements Trolls can earn on this Wiki. Badges are earned by adding content to the Wiki; one badge may be for adding a certain number of images to pages on the Wiki, while another may be for adding a certain number of categories to pages.

Badge LevelsEdit

There are three levels of badges:

  • Bronze Badges are the easiest to earn, and thus only grant 10 Achievement Points each.
  • Silver Badges are more difficult to earn, and they grant 50 Achievement Points each.
  • Gold Badges are the hardest to earn, and as a result they grant a whopping 100 Achievement Points each.

Why Earn Badges?Edit

For bragging rights, of course.


One of the hardest badges to earn. One must make 250 different edits on pages in order to earn this badge


By making at least one edit each day for 5 days, you too can earn this badge!

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