Morshu, salesman and expert in bomb technology

Bombs explode when you kick 'em real hard. That makes you be dead. When you find a Bomb, immediately kick it. Always. No exceptions. Just do it. If you smell Fire, run. No exceptions. Just do it.

Where to Buy BombsEdit

If you're crazy enough to actually want a bomb, Morshu's shop (located in scenic Koridai) is the perfect place to go. Morshu sells 834,596 different kinds of bombs, so that you'll always find the bomb you need. Whatever it is, it's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies rupees.

Sorry, though, Morshu can't give credit, and he has never heard of Paypal. Unless you live near Koridai, you're going to have to come back when you're a little mmmMMMmmmRICHER! search on the Internet or something.

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