The immense versatility of a Cheap Chinese Android Tablet

Cheap Chinese Android Tablets are pieces of electronic garbage intended to sell to the gullible customer. Such products are famous for their low prices, and infamous for everything else. Since no one in their right mind would purchase one on its own merits, CCAT manufacturers tend to copy tablets from well-known brands (more often than not the iPad).

Facts About CCATsEdit

  • - They have the durability of a paper plate
  • - They're made in China
  • - A five-year old laptop could outperform a CCAT
  • - A microwave could outperform a CCAT
  • - The screens are less responsive than a dead raccoon, and uglier as well
  • - They can and will spontaneously combust if looked at the wrong way
  • - Your mom just bought one

People who like CCATsEdit

  1. Your Mom (...let's just leave it there, okay?)
  2. Weegee (they're almost as evil as him)
  3. Santa (they make good presents for naughty children)
  4. Garbojerk (he's a pile of trash, he doesn't know any better)
  1. Ronald McDonald (they're cheap enough to put in Happy Meals)

People who hate CCATsEdit

  1. Chuck Norris (CCATs are his only weakness)
  2. Master Stone Fist (MSF keeps crushing CCATs whenever he tries to use them)
  3. Everyone else (and why not?)
  4. Your Neighbor (he is convinced they are a source of pure evil)

Notable CCATsEdit

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