Chicken Dance

The Chicken Dance is when you dance around like a madman with some pieces of chicken. When mixed with Pogeymans, this dance becomes more important than even Chuck Norris. However, If Chuck Norris is to do this dance, with Pogeymans, and you are watching, you will explode.Box Turtle once said that the Chicken Dance is when you dance like a Chicken. We don't listen to Box Turtle anymore. This syncs up perfectly with Bad Apple.

The Other Chicken DanceEdit

There is another dance that goes by the same name as the Chicken Dance. Basically, you flap your arms like a chicken, shake your rear end like a chicken, and clap your hands (which is weird because chickens don't clap their hands). However, performing this dance will gurantee that you look like a complete doofus, and prove to the entire INTERNET that you are a N00b. And we don't want that, do we?

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