Some badger and his Sundae Supreme


The Ice Cream Vendor and a Sundae Supreme

The Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme (or Sundae Supreme for short) is a famous ice cream product sold by the Ice Cream Vendor (who looks unsettlingly similar to the shopkeeper Morshu) in Apotos. The reason this sundae is so famous is because it's soooooooooo good. The whole world could come crashing down (which it did), and people would still line up for a taste (which they did). The Sundae Supreme is a favorite of the Fartudinous Four (the reason I say the Fartudinous Four instead of the Fartudinous Five is because Sawneek was banned from the ice cream stand) Overall, this is an ice treat (see what I just did there?) for anyone with a sweet tooth.


People Who Really Like Sundae SupremesEdit

  • Sawneek (He likes it even though he's banned from the stand. He got banned because he said "I'M WAAAITING" a lot; it's annoying, you know?)
  • The King of Hyrule (it's what all true warriors strive for)
  • Yossy (a good fight makes this dinosaur hungry)
  • Kiwby (he likes to eat anything, though)
  • Your Neighbor (he'll eat there even if the Ice Cream Vendor is part of the New World Order, which he solemnly believes)
  • Chuck Norris (he would say it's even awesomer than him, but, of course, he's Chuck Norris)
  • Natural News (Natural News thinks that the sundae gives you cancer and causes your bowels to spontaneously combust, because some guy who thinks he knows stuff said so)


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