Not to be confused with Bathrooms

Not to be confused with Garbage


Some crap you don't understand


I dare you to eat it

Now, you may have come to this page thinking one thing- I am obviously going to see a picture of a large pile of human feces, amirite? But no, I have the sensitivity NOT to put a picture of something like that on here. Wait, I just might. Too bad, I'm gonna post the pic. Anyhoo, you probably were linked to this page from something else. What from, I could not care less. But I should. Like, this one time, I had a friend who didn't care that Ford stock was dropping back in '02, and he was pretty vocal about it, like he told everyone, and then some insane man broke into his house and stabbed him to death. True story man, it was pretty sad. Now, you might think, did the insane man kill my pal because he liked Ford stock? Actually, he killed him because he was insane. That was it.

Boy, if you've read this far, you must realize that this page has really gone off-track. In a quick definition, crap is this:

Crap is an object or piece of information that is a waste of everyone's time, and should not be in existence, and should be removed before anyone's eyes bleed from the intense pain of staring at it.

One example of crap is, of course, feces, but let's not talk about that, okay?

Now that I've told you what crap is, I really should tell you this story about definitions. So, I actually heard, that the person who originally created dictionaries, a man named Jeff Bridges McAwesome WEBSTERMAN, was actually a serial killer, but people loved his name so much that the guy who originally made the dictionary was stabbed to death and had his name replaced by WEBSTERMAN's, thus leading to the dictionaries eventually being called the WEBSTER DICTIONARY. If you don't believe the story, you are a dumb meanie who can just go leave the room. That's right, you heard me, LEAVE THE ROOM! And be sure to clean the bathrooms on your way out, you lazy chimpanzee.

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