Not to be confused with Kang the Conqueror

Not to be confused with Captain Kirk

“Not the desired result, wouldn't you say?”
Kang the Conqueror, after being farted on by Wario.


It looks strangely like a sword....

Damocles Base is the home base of Kang the Conqueror, when he came to destroy earth. Contrary to proper popular belief, it is not inhabited by Klingons.


While the Fartudinous Four were taking a break from battling Doctor Doom, Unicorn, and Mr. Magillicutty, Kang came down to earth from his base and demanded all of the cheese be handed over to him, or else he would DESTROY THE WORLD WTF OMG JHGBAVHJFSHVNMJ!!!!!!!!!!

However, Malleo wanted to keep his cheese, so he went and got Wario, fed him a truck load of tacos, and pointed Wario's butt in Kang's face. Then, Wario ripped the biggest one he'd ever ripped, right in Kang's face. Kang never returned to earth because he was DEAD.

His last words were : "Not the desired result, wouldn't you say?"

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