Willy Wonka will answer all of your questions!

Now, Trollopolis is a fairly new site, and, as such, many newcomers have some questions for the site. Some questions include, Do you have bacon? Do you know my mother? If the moon and stars align in the Heavens above, will it mean that Bymegrees' theory of evolutionary microscoping organisms is truly correct and every historian is wrong? While all these questions are simple and obvious to answer, many users are still left befuddled and left thoughtless whilst fat men in our studio audience agree on Fartudinous. Here are some answers:

Q. What is Trollopolis?

A. Trollpolis is a fairly new wiki focusing on bananas, cheese, and absolutely nothing. We advocate the fact that there are no facts to advocate, then stare at the ground and mutter something unintelligible whilst trying to understand what we just said.

Q. What am I allowed to post here?

A. You can post about lots of stuff! As long as you can make a funny, content-rich article about it, it's allowed. Or if you can't put a lot of content in, I guess it's fine too. Just make sure it's SFW, so no porn or anything like that.

Q. Why should I be here?

A. Truly, this is a good question. Why should you be here? Why are you sitting there, staring at this page, when you could be in the kitchen making me a sandwich? Hmmm? No answer? Don't bother answering; just get in there and make me a sammich. I'm hungry.

Q. If, on a lunar eclipse, the Big Dipper twists up-side down, and the stars that form Saggataurus' latter sphere disappear, would Einstein's theory of randomness become true and all man would fade away for no reason?

A. Obviously. Durr.

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