Not to be confused with Explosions

Not to be confused with Bombs

Not to be confused with Head Shot

Not to be confused with Zach Schmiddy


A Fart caught on a thermal camera.

A fart is a special kind of smelly little explosion that originates in your bowels; and was invented by Zach Schmiddy. Farts are often considered rude but they are also considered a delicacy by Malleo. If you think that means he eats them, you're wrong. The Pogeyman trainer Bianca is known for farting superbad and PPPFFFHHHTTT

Making a FartEdit

One way to make a fart is to be Fartudinous. If you are Fartudinous, you will perpetually fart, all day and night.

You + Taco = LOTSA FARTS

However, if you are not Fartudionus, then eat some beans. A taco will suffice as well. Why? Eat some. You'll see.

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