Wario looking his most Fartudinous.

Fartudinous is a word that Wario created to describe himself.


Fartudinous is a combination of pulchritudinous and fart. Pulchritudinous means physical beauty, and fart means a noxious gas that explodes from one's bowels. Thus, fartudinous means physical gassiness. But really, Wario doesn't know any of this, he just made up the word. We just made it sound fancy.

The Fartudinous FiveEdit

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The Fartudinous Five (formerly known as the Fartudinous Four) are a crime-fighting team that has taken up Wario's invented word as their title. The Fartudinous Five consists of Malleo, the King of Hyrule, Shoop Da Whoop, Banana, and Sawneek (the newest member). The Fartudinous Five regularly face off against their arch nemesis, Doctor Doom. Fortunately, though, they always come through in the end!
Fartudinous Four

The Fartudinous Five's first incarnation (The Fartudinous Four)

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