This image symbolizes what this game does to your sanity.

Fatal errorEdit

Fatal error is a series of games Macrosoft has released. The first one is called just Fatal error where the object of the game is to close a window that pops up when you are watching important stuff (pr0n). The window freezes up the important stuff and you have to click on buttons that don't do anything. There is a cheat code called CTRL + ALT + DELETE which allows you to destroy the window. The CTRL + ALT + DELETE cheat code was fixed in later versions of Fatal error where if you enter the code is just freezes up the computer more.

Fatal error 2: Fatal exceptionEdit

This game is eveything Fatal error was but it comes with even more levels. It also contains a detailed plot line hidden by a series of hexadecimal codes that are undecipherable.

Fatal error 3: BSoDEdit

This game is the game that popularized the series, Fatal error 3: BSoD came with all copies of Windows 2000. There were also cool easter eggs that if you were upgrading from a previous windows edition then you could get this 10x as much.

Fatal error 4: BSoD 2Edit

Bundled with every copy of Windows vista, BSoD 2 was the much anticipated sequel to BSoD where the main character, you, had to reboot your computer and call tech support. By using the immersive feature of talking to a real person to solve an imaginary problem players sometimes actually believed something bad happened.

RSoD (Red screen of death)Edit

RSoD was planned as a seperate game from the BSoD series but instead got included in BSoD 2 as a secret boss level where a boot error happens after restarting after a BSoD. You then have to restart and while it is booting up you have to enter in an ultra secret button combo which then boots it up right and it locks it away from the internet.

Fatal error 5: BLSoD (Black screen of death)Edit

BLSoD is the hardest game in the series, it is an entirely different game that is secretly in BSoD 2 where if you make an error and delete a file you were not supposed to you can get this. This often requires going into the harddrive using a different interface and checking the files. You have to find the missing file and replace it. Some rare players of BLSoD have noticed that sometimes it requires re-installation of the entire operating system.


  • Did you know that BLSoD in the official storyline of the fatal error series is caused by soviet russia?
    • In soviet russia, BLSoD causes computer!
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