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The Flanimals Logo, featuring a Grundit.

Flanimals (also known as Ricky Gervais), are the life forms that tend to like to inhabit places where the Trolliverse crosses the Internet, such as Trollopolis and Geetown. They are the evolutionary losers of the world, and are so stupid that they tend to troll people unintentionally. They do not make very good pets.


Puddloflaj looks worried

A Munty Flumple staring at the Puddloflaj. The Puddloflaj looks worried. The Puddloflaj always looks worried.

Flanimals have a wide variety of behavioral qualities, all of which are stupid and eventually end up with the Flanimal dying of said behavioral quality. Such qualities include (but are not limited to):

  • Doing absolutely nothing until it dies
  • Splunging upon birth
  • Running around to avoid its destination
  • Allowing itself to be eaten by predators

Notable FlanimalsEdit

This is a Sprot Guzzlor by Flanimals

A Sprot Guzzlor, waiting for Hemel Sprots to run into its mouth.

Really, no Flanimals are worth noting; but some of the more well-known Flanimals are listed below (and by "well-known" I mean not very well-known at all).

  • Sprot Guzzler – The Sprot Guzzlor is related to the Anker. It loves to eat Hemel Sprots but is terrified of Adult Mernimblers.
  • Coddleflop – A mushy puddle which protects itself by flipping on to its head, although as its back is no more protective than its front this strategy is not very successful.
  • Flemping Bunt-Himmler – A mimic of the Mernimbler, only wider and flatter.
  • Puddloflaj – A large water balloon-like Flanimal, often ridden by the Grundits for no clear reason.
  • Hemel Sprot – A fast Flanimal that always looks backwards to where it's been. It is shown as a green blob, which moves using its two legs/feet. It always tries to avoid its destination, eventually dieng of exaustion or being eaten by the Sprot Guzzlor. Interestingly, the Hemel Sprot isn't really a Sprot; it's actually more closely related to a Ployb. But it can't be called a Hemel Ployb, because there is no such thing.
  • Underblenge – A Flanimal with extremely strong suckers on its underside that allow it to stick to anything. However, this leaves it incapable of movement.
  • Munge Fuddler – A crab-like Flanimal that 'fuddles' everything it sees. It prefers to fuddle the mungier, dangly bits of a Flanimal's underparts.
  • Offledermis – A Flanimal born inside-out to avoid its own smell. It has its heart above its inside-out eyeballs and constantly leaks.
  • Munty Flumple – A dopey optimist that falls in love with anything it sees. It stays and stares at it until what it was looking at leaves. If it falls in love with an Underblenge, it will be there forever.
  • Grundit – A dopey heavily-built Flanimal with a bump on its head. Enjoys thorowing and eating Coddleflops.
  • Glonks – Do absolutely nothing and die.
  • Honk – A small Flanimal that sleeps most of the time, waking randomly to emit an extremely loud honk and then going back to sleep.
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