Not to be confused with Chuck Norris

Not to be confused with WINNER

Not to be confused with LOSER


Fundamental Interaction at work.

In Troll Physics, fundamental interactions (also known as Your Mom, Your Neighbor, and sometimes Weegee), is the way that Trolls interact with each other, and is the cause of all phenomena observed in the known Trolliverse. An interaction is fundamental when it cannot be described in terms of Your Mother. The four known fundamental interactions are Chuck Norris, WINNER, Memes, and LOSER.

The InteractionsEdit

Interaction Current theory Mediators Relative strength Long-distance behavior Range (m)
Chuck Norris Your Mother Chuck Norris's fists OVER 9000!!!!! Round House Kicks
WINNER Good Fartudinous Four A Winner Is You Funk Your Neighbor's house
Memes 4Chan Youtube Mr. T (Would be cat photos, if I Can Has Cheezburger didn't ruin the phenomenon five years ago) The INTERNET
LOSER Bad Hungry Pumkin (hypothetical) Nothing Weegee Nowhere

Chuck NorrisEdit

Main article: Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is the most powerful force in the entire Trolliverse. Attempts to study its effects have all ended in premature death to those attempting to study it; usually due to a single round-house kick. Thus, not much is known of the extent of Chuck Norris's power over the Trolliverse.


Main article: WINNER

WINNER is one of the two Supernatural Forces of the Trolliverse, being the stronger of the two. Through intense study of its effects, scientists have concluded that cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. But, more importantly, they discovered that BROTRR is the most WINNER game of all time. WINNER is also responsible for all that is ballin'.


Memes are powerful driving force in the INTERNET. Memes are an important interaction of Trolls, without the Meme interaction, there would be no trolls.


Main article: LOSER

The LOSER interaction appears to do nothing. Over a long period of time, LOSER radiation is released from decaying memes, causing eventual formation of undesirable phenomena. In extreme cases, Zach Schmiddy may be required to stop continued LOSER fusion processes. The Hungry Pumkin feeds on LOSER radiation, as he does everything in existence.

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