Not to be confused with Lolwut


Something that is so funny you can't laugh at it.

Funny is a number of things. Funny is rubbing your friends hand, telling him it smells like chocolate, then slapping it against his face when he puts it to his nose to smell it. Funny is telling your parents that you got drunk, wrecked your car, and are now in police custody, then laughing and saying, "Just kidding!" Funny is taking a rifle and shooting a large number of people at a shopping mall, then laughing at their bodies before shooting yourself. From those examples, you can see how funny is a dynamic, contradictory, and constantly-non-sensicle word. One day the funniest thing could be jokes about dead babies, until a baby dies, and then the next funny joke is cancer, until thousands of people die from it. But only one thing truly stays funny, and that thing is bananas. In fact, they are so funny, you cannot laugh at them.

They are so funny that they have me laughing so hard that I forgot what to write next. Oh well, I guess this page was sorta in the toilet at the start. But if you really need to look up the word funny, you deserve to have a crappy page that does not describe funny for you, as you are stupid and obviously have no sense of humor. In fact, you are probably the guy who works late at the office because you think it's fun. You probably have no friends because you wear giant-rimmed glasses and have your pants to your chest and your plaid shirt tucked in. You make me sick. I despise you. I want to tie you to your bed and burn your house to the ground with you inside of it. What do you mean, I'm crazy? ARE YOU INSULTING ME? GET OVER HERE, SON!

^ Lol, so funny.

A gallery of funny stuff:

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