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The Origin of Tiger

A long, long time ago, Weegee was a nobody. He was simply a funny-looking young boy who dressed like Luigi. Eventually, he was enraged by all the teasing he got and went to the meteor of Taffy. He then asked Taffy to bring him to great power. Taffy thought it over for a bit, then nodded. He used his scepter to turn Weegee into what he is now, including those eyes. Weegee soon began abusing his new power, avenging his past sufferings by infecting those that had teased him with the Weegee Virus. There was one inoocent, tiger-striped dragon that had done nothing to Weegee. But by the time she found him to try and break him free of whatever grasped him, he had gone insane. He couldn't tell "teasers" from friends and as such he gave her the stare. However, instead of turning into a Weegee, she "evolved" into a monstrous blue dragon. Enraged, she roared and slashed Weegee a good amount. He ran away squealing, no match for the monster he had created. Filled with mostly negative emotions, the dragon was tempted by her own corrupted mind to destroy the city around her, but she held herself back and instead flew to the cave that is now her home, known as the Crystal Cavern.

Woody Seems Pretty Mad at HammEdit

...Seriously, what did the pig ever do to you, Woody?
Toy Story (Unl) 001

Woody is angry at Hamm the Piggy for some reason

Fked him up pretty bad, eh?

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