Type(s) Psychic
Ability Synchronize; Trace
Gardevoir will pass on status problems to the Pogeyman who caused it; Gardevoir copies the ability of the opposing Pogeyman
Affiliation(s) Teenage boys, Your Neighbor
First Appearance Pogeymans Rooby and Safaiya
Latest Appearance Pogeymans Ultruh Son and Ultruh Mewn
Related Pogeymans
Notable Features
Having a rabid fanbase consisting of teenage males

The extremely uncommon Male Gardevoir

Gardevoir is a Psychic-type Pogeyman, acquired when one evolves their Kirlia by increasing its Happiness stat. Gardevoir is quite popular with teenage males. It's no wonder, really. Just look at her - SHE'S HOT. Gardevoir is also pretty adept at battle; one can teach their Gardevoir a variety of moves (not just Psychic-type), such as Shadow Ball and Charge Beam.

In BattleEdit

There are two abilities Gardevoir can have — Synchronize and Trace. Synchronize allows Gardevoir to pass on its status problems to the opponent, if they caused the problem. Trace, on the other hand, allows Gardevoir to copy almost any ability, provided said ability is held by the opponent.

Gardevoir excels in Special Attack and Special Defense, and she has good Speed stats as well. HP, Attack, and Defense are about average, though. Gardevoir is resistant against Fighting and Psychic-type moves, while she is weak to Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type moves.

Gardevoir has a slew of other abilities as well. She can see into the future. Cool. She can also teleport. Cooler. She can even produce a black hole in order to protect her trainer. Even cooler.

Appeal to Human MalesEdit

Like I said before, Gardevoir has a huge following. The most obvious reason

The fantasy of male Trainers everywhere

why is because of her anthromorphic body shape. Another reason could be the fact that Gardevoir is immensely and unendingly loyal to its Trainer, no matter how rotten the Trainer treats her. A third reason could be that she can sense the feelings of people and Pokémon around her.

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