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Greegee Wiki ( is the sister site of Trollopolis Wiki. Greegee Wiki categorizes the unoriginal creative Weegee clones known as Fakegees. Much like Trollopolis, Greegee Wiki has incredibly loose rules on what can and cannot be posted. So you can post about lots of stuff. Post about your Fakegee. Post about your cat. Post about your cat's Fakegee! You know, that kinda stuff.

Rules of Greegee WikiEdit

Rule #1: Don't swear.

Rule #2: Don't make pointless articles/categories.

Rule #3: Don't upload a bunch of images if you're not gonna use them.

Rule #4: Use proper spelling, capitalization, and grammar. (noone liks som1 who takls lik this u no)

If you break any of these rules, you will get a warning. If you keep breaking the rules, you will get suspended from the Wiki for longer and longer amounts of time. If you don't stop breaking the rules, then you get PERMABANNED.

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