Not to be confused with King of Hyrule

Not to be confused with Purple Pie Man

Not to be confused with Weegee

Type(s) Squadala


Ability Flying Carpet
Squadala Man floats on his flying carpet for the entire battle, avoiding all attacks.
Affiliation(s) King of Hyrule
First Appearance
Legend of Zelda CD-i
Latest Appearance In a Pogeyball.
Related Pogeymans
No related Pogeymans. Nobody can stand his purple beard!
Notable Features
– Has a purple beard. TrollFace

– Was once eaten by Kiwby.

Gwonam (aka Squadala Man) is not the Purple Pie Man, or Waluigi; even though he is purple and tall and skinny like them. He is more closely related to a Tamagotchi than he is to Kiwby. Although, he was once eaten by Kiwby.

Legend of Zelda CD-iEdit

Squadala Man was known as Gwonam in this game, and he became Squadala Man when he shouted: "Squadala! We're off!" and then flew away on his magic carpet, never to come down again. Actually, Squadala Man followed Link on his adventure, giving him advice and support. The [[King of Hyrule]] chased him when he did so, but never caught him.

In PogeymansEdit

One day, some random Pogeyman trainer found Squadala Man, and decided to throw a Pogeyball at him. To his surprise, he caught him. This trainer never loses due to Squadala Man's inability to be hit by any attack.


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