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Not to be confused with Chuck Norris

Not to be confused with Bill Cosby

Not to be confused with Religion

History is a continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, period, person, etc., usually written as a chronological account; in this case, a chronology of the entire universe.

As mentioned, this page will give a comprehensive, chronological account of all important events that have taken place since the beginning of time. Time units on this page will be in BBB (Before Big Bang), or ABB (After Big Bang).

We still don't know everything that's happened since the beginning of time, and new discoveries are made every day. If you make a new discovery, please add it to the list.

Early HistoryEdit

  • 1 minute BBB: In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, Chuck Norris round-house kicked the nothing, and told it to get a job.
  • Big Bang Occurs
  • 10 seconds ABB: Chick Norris criticizes the universe's new job.
  • 20 seconds ABB: Bill Cosby is appointed King of Everything (except Hyrule)
  • 30 seconds ABB: Bob Saget is appointed to be The Devil.
  • 35 seconds ABB: Jesus is appointed to be Jesus.


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