Kart Fighter
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Version Reptile
System(s) NES
Release date(s) The year 214
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single Player, Mulitplayer
Rating(s) UNRATED

Title screen of Kart Fighter

Kart Fighter is a video game released in 214 for the Nitrome Enjoyment System. In this game, various characters from the Mari game series beat each other up for fun. As the story goes, Mari is bored of racing in karts. I mean, really bored. He decides to alleviate his boredom in the best way possible: A FIGHT TO THE DEATH. He gathers up his kart racing buddies. Chaos ensues. Kart Fighter is considered by many to be the NES's killer app.


Yossy: A big green dinosaur (no relation to Barney) that likes to pummel Koopa and Luigi

Mari: The infamous red plumber (or at least he claims to be a plumber; we never see him do any actual plumbing)

Koopa: A spiky lizard that hates Mari and Luigi for some
Kartfighter yossy

Yossy battling Nokonoko.


Peach: A relative of Speedy Eggbert.

Nokonoko: Koopa's trusty servant; nevertheless, Nokonoko holds a huge grudge against Koopa

Kinopio: Some dude with a mushroom for a head (seriously, what is he?)

Luigi: Mari's little brother whom everyone dislikes.

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