Not to be confused with Merry Marvel Marching Society

Not to be confused with Unicorn

Not to be confused with Shoop Da Whoop


Oh yeah

Oh Yeah!

Kool Aid is the preferred beverage of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. It is red and tastes slightly better than Gatorade (although Chocolate Milk rules over all beverages), and Greegee loves to drink it. Doctor Doom despises it because super heroes love it so much. It is made by pouring a poisonous powder into water, and then mixing it vigorously.

Kool Aid ManEdit



The Kool Aid Man is the Happy Pitcher Man. He enjoys yelling "OH YEAH!!!" and smashing through walls. Whenever a wall has been knocked down, the Kool Aid man is to blame. Except when he's not. Kool Aid man has been known to smash through stores, buildings, schools, and random people yelling, "OH YEAH!!!" How he has evaded prosecution is currently unknown.

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