Not to be confused with WINNER


The only picture capable of displaying the full horror of LOSER in a form safe for mortal eyes

LOSER is a supernatural force responsible for all the evil in the universe (including the Trolliverse). LOSER serves as the evil twin of WINNER, and LOSER and WINNER have battled to cancel each other out for several epochs. Historians have struggled to date the exact era of LOSER's origin, but many agree that LOSER began its reign at a time extremely close to the beginning of the Trolliverse. Although the majority of subjects composing the Trolliverse have been affected in one way or another by this monstrosity, few can be actually be classified as LOSER. The two most egegrious centers of LOSER are HWSNBN and Halo.

Extremely LOSER ThingsEdit

How to Ward Off LOSER InfluenceEdit

If under the influence of LOSER, one must combat that evil with something of equal or greater WINNERosity. Pepper spray and Tacos are relatively weak in WINNERosity, but they will act as decent substitutes to more WINNER objects in emergencies. Also, a copy of? BROTRR is guaranteed to ward off any LOSER influence.


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