Looney Bird is the evolution of the Pogeyman Chatot. One must evolve a Chatot into Looney Bird by feeding their Chatot lots of booze. Once this process is complete, the intoxicated Chatot climb into the nearest oil barrel, where it will finish evolution.

Looney Bird
Type(s) Normal


Ability Drunkeness
This ability ensures that Looney Bird will only hit the opposing Pogeyman 1/256 of the time.
Affiliation(s) Rockafire Explosion
First Appearance 1979 (when the first Showbiz Pizza restaurant opened)
Latest Appearance Unknown (you may find one if you look inside enough oil barrels)
Notable Features
Able to answer fanmail


Once upon a time, there was a talented Chatot. This Chatot was extremely good at Pogeyman battles; in some aspects, he was superior to even Master Stone Fist. MSF could not allow any Pogeyman to become stronger than him, especially not a scrawny bird like Chatot. So, MSF introduced this Chatot to a peculiar substance known as Gasahol. The Chatot drank and drank the Gasahol down, until his mind became warped beyond comprehension. In this drunken state, the Chatot jumped head-first into an oil barrel, taking the alias Looney Bird. Since then, Looney Bird, hoping to one day get revenge on MSF, trains young Chatots in the ways of Looneyness, so they may become Looney Birds and join his Looney Brigade.


Looney Bird is notoriously horrible at aiming his attacks; he can only hit the target 1/256 of the time. When he does hit the target, however, he hits it with more power than any Pogeyman alive (even MSF). The target will immediately die on impact, no questions asked.

Looney Bird retains Chatot's signature move, Chatter. This move allows Looney Bird to imitate the voice of a recording the player can make. However, whenever Looney Bird attempts this move, he ends up distorting the voice of the player's recording beyond recognition, thanks to his less-than-pleasant singing voice.

If Looney Bird's Intelligence stat is increased to its maximum level, than Looney Bird will evolve into Professor Looney Bird. This Pogeyman does away with the drunkenness of a regular Looney Bird; this means that Professor Looney Bird is both the strongest and smartest Pogeyman in the world. It is notoriously difficult to increase Looney Bird's Intelligence, though.


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