Not to be confused with Your Mom

Not to be confused with Your Neighbor

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris

Not to be confused with RAINBOW SHEEP OF AMAZINGNESS


MOM is watching.

MOM is the true leader of the universe, and is always watching you. You can never escape from MOM's eternal gaze.

MOM's FunctionEdit

MOM is an evil robot friendly person who watches you and plots your death helps you along in your daily ordeals, and makes you poisoned tasty cookies.

Section revised by MOM. Don't you go saying that stuff about me, or else!


Ask MOMEdit


Here's where you can ask MOM. Go do it, NOW! OR ELSE!


MOM provides an online service through which you can ask MOM all those hard questions in life. Such as:

  • Where are my cookies, MOM?
  • Am I going to smack my head on the wall and die today, MOM?
  • What are you doing, MOM?
  • Who are you?
  • Do I smell cookies?
  • Help?
  • What about those cookies?
  • Are you win?
  • Have buns?
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