Master Stone Fist
Type(s) Ugly


Ability Death Stare
The opponent immediately dies upon entering battle.
Affiliation(s) None. All die before his gaze.
First Appearance Chuck Norris decides.
Latest Appearance Chuck Norris decides.
Related Pogeymans
None. All die before his gaze.
Notable Features
–Has extremely strong fists; but never needs to use them.
–Can never be defeated.

Master Stone Fist (also known (by his mom) as M.S.F.) is the strongest of all Pogeymans, like a bus, MAH BOI!

The StareEdit

Most notable about M.S.F. is his death stare. Immune to his death stare are Chuck Norris (of course), Weegee, and Shane (but not David). Tiger is near immune- she can be injured by the stare, but it cannot kill her. Absolutely no training whatsoever is needed when dealing with M.S.F.

Regular LifeEdit

Outside of Pogeyman Battling, M.S.F likes to relax and play with little puppies. He has a P.H.D in flexing muscles, and owns a villa in Drowskinville. He hates the RAINBOW SHEEP OF AMAZINGNESS.


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