99% of all message board conversations

A message board is a website in which people on the Internet discuss various topics. Such topics include why OP is so awesome, which of two fandoms are superior, and occasionally things that are actually worth discussing. Message boards make up a good portion of the Internet, since conversation is a basic part of human nature. That's something, huh?

Types of Message Boards

  • Traditional Board - This type of board consists of an organized hierarchy with strict Rools and personal accounts. Expect inflated egos here. Examples of Traditional Boards include NeoGAF, and Serebii Forums.
  • Imageboard - This type of board has a much looser hierarchy than traditional boards, and the Rools tend to be less strict. Typically, users post anonymously, which is helpful if one wants to troll them. Examples of Imageboards include 4Chan The Suck Place That Shall Not Be Named and the Japanese-language 2Chan.

Important lesson for all Message Board users

Users of Message Boards

  • Attention Seeker - As the name suggests, these users attention. Lots of it. They are willing to try every trick in the book to gain popularity, from claiming friendship with notable users to kissing the rear ends of notable users. Attention Seekers are more common on Traditional Boards than Imageboards, because it's kinda hard to gather attention when you're anonymous.
  • Flamer - The sole objective of these users is to violently attack their colleagues with provoking language. They are common on both Traditional Boards and Imageboards.
  • Troll - Chances are, you are one of these. And as a result, you should know what Trolls are like. You have a better chance of encountering a Troll on Imageboards than on Traditional Boards, because Trolls hate strict Rools. Which you should know since you're a Troll. Yeah.
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