Money is what people use to buy stuff. If you have lots of money, you can buy lots of stuff. If you have little money, you can't buy much of anything. Maybe a pack of gum or something.

Types of MoneyEdit

  • Coins - Typically in very small denominations (<$1.00), these metal discs are deemd collectable by some
  • Dollar Bills - These sheets of paper represent larger denominations of money ($1.00 - $100.00). They're where the real cash is at!
  • Credit Card - Technically, this is not a form of money. Rather, it works like a loan; you buy something now, and later you pay it off with interest. USE CAREFULLY.

People with Lots of MoneyEdit

  • Bill Gates - The former head of Macrosoft, he uses most of his money for charity
  • Uncle Scrooge - He is only millionare who is also a duck. Uncle Scrooge loves his money like it were his own children; don't even dream of getting any from him!
  • The guys at Nintendo - Ever since the Nintendo DS was invented, Nintendo has been able to print millions of dollars a year. That means they're really rich.

Why Money is So ImportantEdit


One way to earn a lot of cash

Haven't you ever heard the idiom, "Money makes the world go round"? If we didn't have money, the world would stop, and we'd all fly off into space or something. Seriously.
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