Not to be confused with Lollercoster

A Monorail cat is
Safety first

I s no stoopid monorail kitteh

a cat who ate a Monorail. (Like yo mom ate a huge dildo and then pooped out a baby)

This is a endangered Monorail cat. It died because yo mama was so fat that she got on a monorail cat and it died. So ironic that the interets would run out of internets to go on.

And there is a wild Monorail Cat. 
Monaural cat

stooping at stoopidness

Left only by itself because all the others got eaten by a Double-ended dildo. On a trolloer coster. While at full speed. in a sea full of sharks. While they were eating spooder man.

When a Monorail cat gets ridden on, All it does is fart to take off to SPAAACCCEEEE. Then it stops there and falls to earth and there it where it dies.

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