Not to be confused with Trolling Saruman

Not to be confused with Going to the Store



A movie is like a picture...THAT MOVES!!!! Also, sounds can usually be heard... sometimes, if not every Friday.

List of Known MoviesEdit

This is a list of all the known movies ever made... if you discover a new one, tell us about it.

By lewandowskidavid

In this movie, you go on a great journey to the store... but get stuck on the stairs.

By Weird Al Yankovich

Two guys get fired, and thus start a new TV channel, called UHF. They also hire the Janitor, who married his mop and thinks Watermelon tastes like Poo.

By Chuck Norris

The troop sets out for Mortor Mordor, and get slapped in the face by some bears.

By Chuck Norris

That's right, they totally skipped pt. II, cause they're too epic for that, MoFo. Anyway, the troop gets serenaded by Saruman, and Legolas totally shoots the crap out of him.

By Brett Favre

The dudes go to get some Chinese Food, but the lady behind the door pisses them off, and they get nothing. AND THEN??

By the King of Hyrule

The King of Hyrule gathers Malleo, Banana, and Shoop Da Whoop together to form the crime-fighting team known as the Fartudinous Four. The new team must work to defeat their nemesis, Doctor Doom.

By the King of Hyrule

Doctor Doom joins up with Doctor Robotnik and Doctor Rabbit in order to destroy the universe. It's up to the King of Hyrule, Malleo, Shoop Da Whoop, Banana, and Sawneek (a new member of the Fartudinous team) to stop this evil squadron! This box office bomb pretty much killed the studio that produced it.

By Micheal Jackson

Luke Skywalker learns to use the force; the Rebels strike back; Darth Vader leads the Dark Side (which does, I may add, have cookies); chaos ensues.

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