Not to be confused with Chuck Norris

Not to be confused with Weegee


I pity the poor fool who makes fun of Mr. T!

Mr. T is the rival of Chuck Norris. The two are almost equal in power. The legend goes that Mr. T and Chuck Norris walked into a bar; the bar then spontaneously combusted due to the fact that it couldn't hold that much awesomeness. Mr. T even has a smiley in the chatroom here. Yeah, he's that cool. Also, he pities the poor fool who doesn't know about his smiley.

Mr. T's CommandmentsEdit

Break the rules, God help you fools! You've got Mr. T to fear!

Things Mr. T DoesEdit


Mr. T doing some real math.

Mr. T likes to beat people up and pity the poor fools who wear scratchy tees. This is because he has recently taken up a profession in the making of tee-shirts, thus becoming "Mr. Tee". He's rather proud of it, though, and you won't want to make fun of him 'cause you'll get beat up.

The A-TeamEdit

If you don't watch the A-Team, Mr. T will personally come to your house and take your TV and give it to someone who wants to watch the show!

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