Not to be confused with NYAN CAT

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For the haters

You tell 'im, Candy Man!

My Little Pony is actually not mine. It's Chuck Norris' pony. But he's nice (for once) and lets us say that it's ours. But he insists that it does certainly not belong to you. Or Speedy Eggbert. Or David. Your neighbor thinks the pony belongs to him, but he is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


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Haters gonna hate.

Chuck Norris stuck his titanium fist of POWAH into a Voclano, and found the Infinity Gauntlet. Using his amazing biceps of power (note that's not POWAH), he ripped it open, and Pinkie Pie came out. Then, again using his mighty fist of POWAH, he shoved his hand into Pinkie Pie and pulled out all of the other ponies. However, in the process, he also accidentally pulled out Pinkie Pie's brain. Being the most powerful pony, Chuck Norris feared for his world with Pinkie in such an unstable state (only Chuck Norris is allowed to kill people in his world). Horrified, he threw them into your tv. And they want to get out. Into your head. AND YOU CAN'T STOP TEH PONEHZ!!! <_< Yur mom can't stop teh ponehz. o3o

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