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Walleo Trolls Natural News

Walleo designed this himself.

Natural News is a website that was created by Walleo in his spare time. It is the place where Cranks (and Your Mom) go to get all of their information. It is full of BS and was made to bend gullible people to Walleo's will. Others just read it and say, Cool Story Bro! It is full of ridiculous stories that only an Imbeciles would believe, because they have no proof whatsoever. On top of that, they say that's what makes them so great! Walleo says it's his most Fartudinous creation yet!


Here are some BS Crap that Natural News has cranked out (See What I Just Did There?).

Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme is bad for you.Edit

They say it gives you cancer and causes your bowels to spontaneously combust, when, in reality, it's the world's healthiest food.

The World Will End in 2012Edit

Pffffffffttt. Probably the most ridiculous one yet! Everyone knows that the world ended in 1823, not 2012!

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