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the kind of person who enjoys playing the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's latest vidyagame handheld. It looks a lot like the regular DS, but it's not, 'cause it's in THREE-DEEEE. Can't do that on any old DS, can you? However, this effect takes up so much battery that by the time you're done admiring the visuals, you'll have no battery life left to actually play any games (not that there are many 3DS games anyway). On the upside, it's more powerful than the Sega CD and Atari Jaguar combined. However, it is less powerful than the Cassette Boy.

Notable GamesEdit

HNI 0006 MPO

Kiwby escaping from the 3DS into the real world. BEWARE!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Nintendo's launch title for the system is a remake port of the Nintendo 64 classic (except in THREE-DEEEE).

Mario Kart 7

You play as Mario, and you drive a kart. IN THREE-DEEEE. Oh, and you can play as other Mario characters, too. Despite the similar name, this is not a sequel to Kart Fighter.

Face Raiders

Go around shooting enemies that look suspiciously like the person you just took a picture of. IN THREE-DEEEE (okay, getting old). Also, it comes preinstalled on the system.

Super Luigi Time!

Luigi comes to kick some butt and chew bubble gum. And he's all out of bubble gum.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

The classic game everyone knows and loves, redone for a new audience. Kid Icarus Pit is now all animu for some reason, and you fly around shooting things, and...You know what, this isn't like the original game at all.


Some people think that playing the Nintendo 3DS will make your eyes bleed and your head explode. Those people would be wrong. Wussies.

3DS Slide PadEdit

Slideon pad

...What the heck is this piece of garbage?! Apparently, it gives you another control stick for the system, and an added shoulder button. Whatever it is, it's as big and ugly as Your Mom. And that's terrible.

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