Not to be confused with Nintendo 3DS

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris

Not to be confused with Cassette Boy

NDS cat

This is the kind of person who enjoys the DS.

The Nintendo DS was the world's least most sold Vidya Gaem system of all time. It was the successor of the Cassette Boy, and was replaced by the Nintendo 3DS.


The NDS (that's NINTENDO DS to YOU, buddy!) was not the first touch screen. But, they sold it as if it was. Idiots. It had two screens, in order to blow your mind trying to pay attention to both of them at the same time.


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Some of its terrible gaems.

The NDS had way too many gaems. It had like, two or so, if my memory serves me (which it probably does not).

Nintendo DSi XLEdit


The premier method of playing NDS gaems

Whoa, look at the size of this thing. Like, it's even bigger than Your Mom! Yeah, that's right. Let me introduce you to the Nintendo DSi XL, the world's biggest NDS evar. But why is it so big? To hold those two ginormous screens, of course! How else could the elderly enjoy a rousing game of virtual checkers? And lest we forget, the system comes with not one, but two styluses! You've got one uninteresting standard stylus, and one extra-large, professional stylus. You cannot resist the irresistible!
Nintendo-dsi-xl 004

Nintendo DSi XL, compared to regular old Nintendo DS

So go out today and ---- Wait, they're coming out with another DS? With 3D?! Forget this, then.

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