Not to be confused with Kart Fighter

Not to be confused with Commodore 64


The system. Notice the non-functional bit switch.

The Nitrome Enjoyment System (abbreviated as NES) was a Vidya Gaems console from the 1930's. It was famous for such games as Kart Fighter, in which Yossy found his debut; Super Man 64, which you would THINK was for the Commodore 64; and Speedy Eggbert, which shall not be mentioned further here, due to it's terribleness.

NES ingame logo

The menu screen.


The NES was created by George Dubya Bush, in an attempt to win over small children. He failed and was taken over by Nintend'oh, who created Kart Fighter, which was stolen from The Burger King.


This is a list of known games for the NES, but more are discovered daily. If you discover a new one, tell us about it here!

Kart Fighter

Mari,Luigi,Nokonoko,Kinopio,Peach,and Koopa get together to kick some ass. Chaos ensues.


Mari from Kart Fighter is back in his first platformer game. Taking the form of the superhero Somari, he must navigate levels with lots of robots and loop-de-loops, in order to defeat the notorious Doctor Robotnik.

Shaq Fu

Shaquille O'Neal goes to China for a slam dunk competition. He finds some weird old guy, who teaches him Kung Fu. But Shaq is too cool for Kung Fu, so he starts calling it Shaq Fu. He proceeds to go kick butt.
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