Not to be confused with NYAN CAT

Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat
Type(s) Rainbow


Ability Cat's Meow
There is a random chance for any of Nyan Cat's stats to be raised each turn.
Affiliation(s) None.
First Appearance First seen flying through space, a mysterious poptart attached to his back.
Latest Appearance Last seen fighting with his evil twin, Tac Nayn.
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Tac Nayn
Notable Features
-Often sings his signature song to itself, which can annoy others.

-His former appearance and personality was completely lost upon the pop tart attaching to his body.

The Nyan Cat is a small, speedy Pogeyman. Originally, he was a ginger tabby cat, with an easily-bored personality. However, one day he found a suspicious strawberry poptart lying around in the woods. He calmly poked it with his paw- and it extended long tentacles and attached itself to his body. He felt a horrible burning sensation as the poptart completely transformed him- heightening the pitch of his voice, turning his fur solid gray, and changing his personality. He is now an energetic, silly cat that flies through space to pass the time. However, if called upon by a Pogeyman trainer, he's eagerly willing to accept. He's very good in battle (though not as good as Master Stone Fist) because of his rainbow-shooting abilities. It's never revealed except in battle, but if he holds up his paw, he can shoot a rainbow from it (called Spectrum Shot) that wraps around the foe and deals severe damage. He also uses melee attacks, but not as much. (His size makes him rather frail, so he takes a lot of damage if hit with a physical attack. As such, he prefers to use Spectrum Shot from a distance.)


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