Name: Pingas

Strength: Pingas

IQ: Pingas

Durability: Pingas

Power: Pingas

Wealth: Pingas

Enemies: Weegee, The King, Ganon

''Not to be confused with Sawneek

“SnooPING AS Usual I See...”


Pingas is a well known catchphrase by the infamous SEGA antagonist known as Ivo Robotnik. Pingas can use his Pingas powers to create poopy YTP music videos and all out random stuff. His Pingas powers can twist the very fabrics of reality itself to create cringy Youtube videos that downright confuse Pingas' enemies. The more confused his enemies get, the stronger Pingas becomes.

Pingas is an incredibly powerful person. His "Pelvic Thrusting Attack," one of his strongest moves, was actually able to damage Weegee, and his "Pingas Punch" was powerful enough to one-punch One Punch Man. He is also one of the smartest beings in existence, with an IQ of at least Pingas. Pingas is immortal, which means that he can basically live forever. His "Pelvic Thrusting Attack" has even shown to be able to block the Weegee Death Stare.

Pingas is the leader of the Pingas Empire, and has been for centuries. At one point, Sawneek the Weegeehog was a member of the Pingas Empire until he betrayed Pingas.

Pingas has waged war with Weegee for centuries and is one of the Pesky Plumber's greatest enemies. Pingas and his troops have killed an estimated 69,000 Fakegees and wiped out much of Weegee's empire. In return, Weegee has destroyed much of Pingas' empire and even severely damaged Pingas' pingas, diminishing Pingas' powers.

After centuries of life, Pingas was finally killed by Ganon's Die Beam, which can kill even immortal beings like Pingas. After his death, his throne was taken over by his son Snooping. Pingas was later resurrected by the Great Banana God in exchange for giving him his pingas. Pingas is now in charge of the Anti-Weegee Alliance after taking the throne from Sulteegee. Meanwhile, his son Snooping is still in charge of the Pingas Empire.

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