“Did someone eat my frikkin' cake?”

Not to be confused with RAGEGUY

Not to be confused with The Devil

Pacman is a weird spaceman who some people think is a weird ball who eats stuff. Pacman is a guy with a yellow spacesuit who is always being chased by space ghosts, whose names are as follows:

  • Blinky

--Also known as Urchin --Who smells like rotten cheese and is so obsessed with Pacman he will doggedly pursue him for hours on end.

  • Pinky

--Also known as Fathead --Who is really annoying and wants to eat Pacman's soul.

  • Inky

--Also known as Fartface --Is excessively shy and is constantly hiding behind Blinky , who despises Inky 's presence. Also, she's a girl. Namco ain't sexist, nosiree!

  • Clyde

--Also known as Monieipikolasawefytokganawagoocomonho --Is really stupid and constantly runs into stuff, and scares Pacman so much that he once ate his own face, and gave it to Zach Schmiddy.


"I'm gonna eat your brains, µø†#∑® ƒ#ç%∑®!!!" says Pacman.

What he DoesEdit


Pacman being chased by a space ghost.

Pacman crash landed on the space ghost planet in 1980, and has been running around eating pac-dots and anti-anxiety pellets ever since. Although, the aformentioned idiotic space ghosts continously chase him while he does this. While doing this, Pacman occasionally has fantasies about living safely with his family in Pac-Man World.

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