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Patrick Star by Brushcommander-504x630

A portrait of Patrick Star.

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I'm not a Krusty Krab!!

Patrick Star is a pink, blob-like starfish. He is friends with SpongeBob and Squidward, but Squidward resents this. He occasionally likes to watch TV, but he hates every channel, so he doesn't watch it for very long. He lives under a rock, and his furniture is made out of sand. Well, that is, when he has furniture, sometimes his house is empty, sometimes it has only a bed, and sometimes it has several rooms and a Refrigerator.

Patrick at WorkEdit


Is This The Krusty Krab?Edit

No, this is Patrick.

Is This The Krusty Krab?Edit

NO, this is Patrick!

Is This The Krusty Krab?Edit


Is This The Krusty Krab No, this is Patrick..

Is This The Krusty Krab No, this is Patrick...

Road TripsEdit

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Goofy resents driving Patrick and Yossy around.

Goofy once took Patrick and Yossy on a road trip, but Patrick was still hating this channel, and Yossy was busy herping the derp, so it was not a very pleasant ride, to say the least.

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