Not to be confused with Pogeymans

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Pokemen (sometimes called Pokemans) are cheap ripoffs of Pogeymans. Someone noticed how much money the Pogeymans franchise was making, so he wanted to get in on some of that money. How did he do it? He created cheap knock-offs of a similar name to fool those who will believe anything.



The official Pokemen badge

Your Neighbor wanted to get into the market as quickly as possible, and took only 214 minutes to do all of his planning, creating, and releasing of over 3,330,1,429,628 products. Understandably, they were about as bad as a sewer backup into your living room. Gullible children loved them, though, and still do to this day.


The President's been kidnapped by ninjas your rival Larry. Are your Pokemen bad enough dudes to stop him?


My pokemans 2600

A Pokemen game for the Atari.

Rather than being actual creatures like Pogeymans, Pokemen exist only in cheaply made games from Japan. Cats simply love these games, and many cat owners give their cats these games to get them to stop bothering them. Kids also love these games due to their naïvety (See that fancy I just used?). The games involve the character wandering aimlessly through tall grass, in order to find the Pokemen. then, they catch them and battle them in a way similar to Pogeymans, but in a much stupider way.

Notable PokemenEdit


Three stupid Pokemans, Burblesore, Choremonger, and Balstores.

Tumblr m074azqbzc1qidgz6o1 400

Pokocho, not to be confused with Pinkachu

Pokemen are too stupid to be worth making note of, so we leave you with this image to give you an idea of what they generally look like.


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