Not to be confused with Doctor Doom

Not to be confused with Waluigi



The Purple Pie Man is a villain who battles the Fartudinous Four. Kiwby is another enemy of his; the pink blob hates him because his pies taste like PURE EVUL. He is called the Purple Pie Man not because he makes purple pies, but because he makes pies and he's purple.


The Purple Pie Man is possibly related to Waluigi, but that is only a rumor. His mustache is certainly not as Demonfucious as Waluigi's. His mustache is more Fartudinous than Waluigi's, and is also more purple. In fact, it's much more purple, because Waluigi's is not purple at all. His origin is shrouded in mystery, but it is theorized that Weegee had something to do with it. His first battle was 214 years ago, and he got beaten by a rogue LAZAR from the Shoop Da Whoop.


For his first battle, see above.

In his second and third battles, he almost won, but Malleo came and creeped him out every time. In the fourth battle, he took care of Malleo right away with a pie to the face, but Banana beat him. He hasn't been seen since, but there are rumors that he's plotting something with Doctor Doom.

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