Not to be confused with Perculators

Not to be confused with Patrick Star

Not to be confused with The Upside Down Show!

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris

Fridge in trunk

This is the proper place for a Refrigerator.

A refrigerator is something that Shane and David do not have, but Patrick occasionally has one, at least on Monday. Most people keep their "fridge" (that's what the cool people call them) in their car's trunk. Why? so the can have ice cold food whenever they want! All they have to do is jump out of the window (like Sawneek), and open the fridge!



What do you mean "if"? Of course Chuck Norris has a Refrigerator!

Refrigerators are usually used for displaying magnets, usually tacky ones, like ones that display pictures of your Mom or of Mr. Magillicutty. Or ones that are shaped like stuff. Stupid tings like that. Some people (usually weird ones), keep stuff in the fridge, usually food. They keep it their because it keeps stuff cold, for whatever reason.

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