Not to be confused with Patrick Star

Not to be confused with Yossy

Not to be confused with Patrick Hates This Channel


Patrick and Yossy being taken on a Road Trip by Goofy.

Road Trips are when you go on a long ride in the car. They usually feature lots of shouting of "ARE WE THERE YET?", especially when traveling with Yossy. The driver will subsequently yell, "NO, AND QUIT ASKING!", which will usually shut them up for a little while. If Patrick is coming along, he'll usually end up hating this channel, and will subsequently end up staring at his hand. Road trips are meant to be fun, but they usually end up being stupid because someone (usually Patrick) ends up having to go to the bathroom, even though he was told to do so before he left.

Yossy is banned from Patrick and Goofy's second Road Trip, but these new guys seem to be giving them even more trouble

While all this is going on, loads of arguing will likely ensue (such as when Freakazoid and Daffy Duck are put in the same car).
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