Type(s) Christmas


Ability Children Frightener
Scares small children away from the battle.
Affiliation(s) RAGEGUY, Easter Bunny
First Appearance The first Christmas.
Latest Appearance Last year's Christmas.
Related Pogeymans
Notable Features
–Extremely frightening to small children.
–Able to magically shove himself down your chimney.
–Needed to make use of RAGEGUY.

Santa (also known as Santa Claus, Santa Claws, Santa Baby, St. Nick, Chris Cringle, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Your Mom, That Fat Ugly Guy, Uncle Hairy, Uncle Sam, and Bozo the Clown), comes to everyone's house every Christmas eve, shoves his fat hairy butt down your chimney, and leaves you presents. How nice. Except, he absolutely hates children and leaves coal for them instead. How not very nice. Recently, Santa started substituting Cheap Chinese Android Tablets for coal. How even less nice. He loves to have children sit on his knee so he can see them cry. What a sick, sick man.

Criminal Activity and ControversyEdit

Santa has been known for breaking and entering every house in the entire world, as well as for stalking on innocent civillians and the FBI is on a massive manhunt for him. He is also a child abuser, forcing millions of frightened children to work under horrific conditions on the North Pole building toys. If you spot Santa, run away as fast a humanly impossible.

In Pogeymans Edit

In the realm of Pogeyman battling, Santa has extremely high battling capabilities, but he never gets to use them due to the fact that RAGEGUY always steals his powers with his Santa Siphon ability. In normal situations, in which RAGEGUY is not present, Santa has the power to whoop butts into faces. Also, his Children Frightener ability makes it easy to battle without the constant onlooking of small children. However, Santa is extremely vulnerable to the deathly stare of Master Stone Fist, so beware!


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