Not to be confused with Malleo

Not to be confused with PINGAS

“No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!”
Sawneek's reaction to SOPA


Sawneek after his head was slammed into the refrigerator.


The immensely powerful creature known as Sawneek

Sawneek Malleo

Sawneek disguised as Malleo

Sawneek the Weegeehog is a Weegee-ized version of Sonic the Hedgehog created by Weegee just for fun. Sawneek's main goal is to destroy Weegee, Malleo, and all of the Fakegees.

Sawneek's Life Story

Sawneek was created in 1869 by Weegee, so he could have a Weegee-ized version of Sonic. Sawneek can do everything that Sonic can do, except even better, and can also shoot lightning from his index finger. Sawneek was very mad about being alive, and so decided to devote his life to destroying Weegee. He travelled around the landscape and used his skills to build a secret headquarters. After a few years, Sawneek opposed Malleo, and developed an instant disliking of him. The two opposed each other many times throughout the years until Sawneek was abducted by Weegee, who decided to make him his slave. He placed Sawneek into suspended animation until the year 2001, when he finally released Sawneek.

Sawneek then travelled to the future, where he slammed his head into a refrigerator. This somehow changed his form and gave him more powers. Using this new form, now known as Refrigerator Sawneek, he travelled back to 2001 and killed Pingas.

There was only one problem: Now there were 2 Sawneeks!!!!!!!! Refrigerator Sawneek then time-traveled to 1969, when he released Sawneek early. The two merged into the Ultimate Sawneek and killed Weegee, Malleo, and all of the Fakegees. He then took over the entire world.

Ultimate Sawneek realized that there was a third Sawneek as well: The Sawneek that was still in suspended animation. Ultimate Sawneek released this Sawneek and fused with him again to form Universal Sawneek. Universal Sawneek used his powers to reshape the universe and rule over it as a dictator. Sawneek's mad goal was finally stopped by the Iluminati, who killed Universal Sawneek and undid everything he had done.

Recently, it was revealed that in 1956, Sawneek had cloned himself, which means that there is one last Sawneek who is still alive...

How to Defeat SawneekEdit

It is true that Sawneek can be tricky to defeat, but there is one way you can easily eliminate this crooked hedgehog.

  1. Use magnets to unfasten Sawneek's Speed Shoes. Without these, Sawneek runs slower than molassses. Slow molasses.
  2. Fire copious amounts of pepper spray at Sawneek. This ensures Sawneek will be unable to escape for sure.
  3. Apply Head Shot to Sawneek. This move will kill him.
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