“Okay, who left the pig in front of the door?”
Shane, ┴ɥǝ ∩dsıpǝ poʍu Sɥoʍ!



Shane is a very strange person, who lives with his bruddah David on the ┴ɥǝ ∩dsıpǝ poʍu Sɥoʍ! He claims to have created the term Hoop-de-Poop.


Born twelve thousand years ago on the planet Zargoth, Shane was raised by space bunnies until he was old enough to hop on his own. Hoping to make a name for himself in the Quargo System as a hard-bitten space mercenary, he trained at the Lenny Spiegelman Academy for Astro Cadets. (Don't try and find it today, the site was bought out by a roller disco, which subsequently burnt to the ground.)

It was during his first training mission that he pressed the wrong button and ejected himself to Earth, landing in his "parents" backyard in suburban Australia, which is not unlike his home planet. There he spent many happy years mowing lawns and watching television - often simultaneously. It is rumored that he worked in a paramilitary organization in the mid-eighties, possibly the Brownies, but details are understandably sketchy.

Shane continued to harbor dreams of space cadetship and came to the conclusion that if he couldn't fly for real, he could at least pretend - either in a loony bin or on stage. It was in that loony bin he met David, his brother and comrade in stupid ideas. The rest is history. Shane has twenty-seven sisters and an imaginary friend called Bruce, who is apparently a blue rhino. Shane has never been to the Oscars, unless you count the open day, which he found quite unimpressive.

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