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The creator of the Slap Ya Face! wiki.

Long ago, in the beginning of Trollopolis, there was another wiki growing in the same area. They were meant to be equals, a brotherhood of trolls of sorts. The Slap Ya Face! wiki was a bit convoluted in its objectives, and only ever gained 21 pages and died only weeks after its creation, mostly due to a lack of editors and admin support. Trollopolis has since taken over all of the land that was once shared by the two wikis or owned by Slap Ya Face!.


In 2010, TheHarvester had the idea to create a wiki for random stuff that came into his head. Gioku liked this idea, and was good at web development, so he created one, too. Both wikis prospered and were intertwined for several weeks, until TheHarvester lost interest in the Slap Ya Face! project. Since then, the Slap Ya Face! Wiki has lingered on Wikia's servers, like a ghost town of some sorts.


The Slap Ya Face! wiki will be salvaged, and all or most of its 21 pages will be moved to the Trollopolis Wiki.

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